Q: Do you require a deposit to secure the booking ?

A: We require a  deposit to secure a booking. No booking is secure with-out deposit.

Q: Is the booking form refundable ?

A: We offer a fully refundable booking deposit up until satisfactory viewing. Viewing must take place six months before the wedding there after the deposit is non refundable.  Thankfully to date we have never had to issue a refund. After satisfactory viewing there is only a 48hr grace period for your refund.

Q: How long do Arthur play for ?

A: 3 hours inclusive of short interval for afters food, this is based on 9pm – midnight.  Timings can vary, however if things run late Arthur will perform later – IE: 12:30am

Q: Will Arthur learn the first dance of your choice ?

A: We will learn the first dance of your choice. We’re always up for a challenge!

Q: When do we pay the remaining balance?

A: The remaining balance is paid on the night either before Arthur start or during the interval. You can also pay by transfer 10 days in advance.